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B2B case study Elliott UK: Increased conversion with lead nurturing

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Lead management in B2B can be difficult and time consuming. Does your business struggle with lead qualification and management? Elliot UK shows how to increase conversions with lead nurturing.

As the UK’s largest supplier of modular and portable buildings, Elliott manages a massive portfolio of over 310,000 units. Their website generates a high volume of unique enquiries, but, because of the dependency of personal follow-up by their sales representatives, enquiries did not always end up with the right sales person. This resulted in sales opportunities being missed.

In this case study we discuss how Elliott managed the process of implementing website tracking of individual behavior in combination with automated lead nurturing.

About Elliott

Elliott provides a wide range of modular buildings for a wide range of industries, including construction, education, health care, retail and sports and leisure. Because of the high volume of unique enquiries and the broad range of solutions on offer, qualifying requests on quality and distributing leads to the right sales person are extremely challenging for Elliott.

In order to be able to manage enquiries, qualify incoming leads and to up-scale the online marketing activities, Elliott was looking for a scalable and automated solution. Also, to be able to provide the best experience possible for website visitors, information needed to be offered in a better structured way on any device.

Capture of visitor data

Manchester based agency Livelink New Media took care of a full re-design and rebuild of Elliott’s website with a responsive design and better navigation, while at the same time improving the calls to action, focusing around brochure downloads, case studies and requests for information. This allows Elliott to capture all of the visitor data with their journeys through the site, time spent on each page, clicks, form fills and downloads.

Copernica Marketing Software was integrated with Elliott's website to provide a fully automated communications system and Livelink was tasked with creating a more efficient lead capture and nurturing system to ensure that the right customers could be contacted at the right times with the right proposition and information to convert these enquiries into sales.

Collecting data of individual website visitors

Individual website behavior is tracked and stored in the campaign database. Between 5,000 and 20,000 new records are added to the campaign database every month, and based on the behavioral data a sophisticated lead nurturing process is activated for every new record in the database. During this process, all the interactions are scored for each individual and used to create a conversation with the prospect through highly targeted automated messages based on their interactions. The sales team now only follow up qualified leads deemed to be ‘hot leads’, increasing conversion rates with a highly focused sales process.


Because of the responsiveness of both website and emailings, the results from mobile have surged, with over 30% of all mailings being opened on a mobile device. Within 3 months of the automated marketing being in place, Elliot saw a 13% increase in conversion rates, helping to drive a sales pipeline of £2million every month.

The process has also streamlined the sales process and created a customer centric culture by communicating with prospects in a relevant and timely fashion. Elliott's strong focus on marketing has not only lead to a substantial sales funnel, it also landed the business with several awards including the Construction Marketing Awards for best digital campaign and best use of website.

“We are pleased with the results of the automated lead nurturing process," says Rod Hepper, Elliott UK. And, asked about the next step, he adds: "We are now putting more effort into optimising every single aspect of our campaigns with a strong focus of increasing lead scores in a smooth and relevant way.”

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