Copernica Partner program

The most lucrative ESP partner program

Why become a partner?

Copernica distinguishes itself from the competition by focusing purely on delivering powerful email marketing software. With this software we enable our partners to send out large volumes of email and realize valuable one-to-one touch points with their customers. Due to our software’s extensive flexibility, a Copernica partner can use their creativity to stand out from the market. For these online and digital agencies and other marketing professionals in our partner program, adjusted rates and additional benefits apply.

How can you become a partner?

Copernica is open to partner up with agencies that offer email marketing as a service and who want to serve their clientele with Copernica Marketing Software. The partnership is open to various collaborations. Firstly, Copernica partners can independently sign up new customers through their partner license and benefit from purchase advantages in doing so. In addition, a Copernica partner who offers support to a direct Copernica customer receives a 10% commission based on the amount of the monthly invoice of this customer.

Purchasing advantages

Purchasing advantages

Copernica rewards partners who independently sign customers with a beneficial purchasing rate. The fixed costs (for accounts and users) can be purchased for a more profitable rate and the variable costs (for emails and API calls) can be bundled. Therefore, the entire email volume from multiple accounts can be purchased at the rate of a suitable bundle. Partners benefit from a profit margin by invoicing their customers for the email or API-call bundle that suits them.

Partner commissions

Partner commissions

If a Copernica user selects you as a preferred partner, you will be the first contact point for this user. This is an unique opportunity to build a sustainable relationship with your customers. All related questions are automatically redirected to you, and in addition you will receive a 10% commission of the income we generate from this customer.

Partner page

Copernica partner page

All Copernica partners receive a prominent mention on our website. When customers request additional support for creating templates, setting up campaigns or building new integrations, we refer them to our partner overview page. Depending on the reviews that you have received, and your overall partner score, you will receive more referrals.

Please keep in mind that a Copernica partner must charge their customers with the official rates as stated on the pricing page.

What are the purchase advantages?

Do you want to find out what your discount will be as a partner based on the fixed and variable costs? We can send you our rates through email. Please enter your company name and email address in the form below to receive your adjusted rates.

No agency but open to collaborate?

Copernica is also open to a partnership with companies that offer products or services that provide added value for Copernica users.

Webwinkel vakdagen

Our presence on the Webwinkelvakdagen 2018

Other advantages

Partners are important to Copernica. Therefore, we involve our partners in various marketing activities and campaigns. Our partners benefit from our contacts with publishers and our presence at trade fairs such as the Webwinkel Vakdagen, E-commerce Live! and Shopping Today. In addition, Copernica organizes events for partners a few times a year to exchange ideas and thoughts about improving our services.

Are you thinking of organizing a joint event as a partner? Don’t hesitate to contact Olivier Francken at

Partner of the year

What are the criteria for winning the annual Copernica Partner Awards? The awards are granted to the partners who received the highest partner score. The following factors are taken into account:

  • Investing in in-house Copernica knowledge and you are a Copernica expert
  • Making optimal use of Copernica Marketing Software to serve your customers
  • Promoting yourself with a joint case study
  • Mentioning the "Registered Copernica Partner" logo on your website
  • Convincing your relations
  • Making use of Copernica Marketing Software for your own marketing activities
Tailor Digital Partner of the year 2020

Tailor Digital Partner of the year 2020

Elevate Digital Best Newcomer of the year 2020

Elevate Digital Best Newcomer of the year 2020


The partner of the year and best newcomer awards of the past years.

Partner of the year

  • 2020 Tailor Digital
  • 2019 PI Marketing
  • 2018 Email Enzo
  • 2017 Yellowgrape
  • 2016 Yellowgrape
  • 2015 Gracious Studios
  • 2014 ISM eCompany
  • 2013 ISM eCompany
  • 2012 redhotminute.

Best newcomer of the year

  • 2020 Elevate Digital
  • 2019 Divide
  • 2018 WeMessage
  • 2017 100%EMAIL
  • 2016 Ematters
  • 2015 PI marketing
  • 2014 Qamel
  • 2013 U-Online Marketing
  • 2012 Bookerz