Special offer for partners

For agencies, IT services and other marketing professionals other rates and benefits apply

Why become a partner?

The Copernica partnership is open for companies that serve multiple customers who like or want to use software of Copernica, and for companies that offer products or services beneficial for existing Copernica users. If you meet one of these requirements, or of course both, you can sign up for the Copernica partner program.

Email Enzo Partner of the year 2018

Email Enzo Partner of the year 2018

WeMessage best newcomer of the year 2018

WeMessage best newcomer of the year 2018

What are the advantages?

As a partner of Copernica, you profit in multiple ways. Naturally, you receive some procurement advantages associated with the partner fare, and because you divide your email and API call bundles over multiple accounts. But that is not all. A lot of partners gain extra customers and profit from a Copernica partnership because customers often look for renowned partners to outsource services to, such as the making of template designs or production of complete campaigns.

Procurement benefits

For partners a reduced rate applies for the registration of extra accounts and users.

Commission and Support

If a Copernica user selects you as a preferred partner, you will be the first contact point for this user. This is an unique opportunity to build a sustainable relationship with your customers. All related questions are automatically redirected to you, and in addition you will receive a 10% commission of the income we generate from this customer.

New customers

All Copernica partners get a prominent place on our website. We refer all our customers that ask for extra support, such as designing new templates, setting up campaigns or building integrations, to our partners. Good feedback and a high partner score leads to more referrals.

What are the procurement benefits?

A partner licence is based on a regular Copernica licence, but with two important differences. For creating extra accounts and users, adjusted pricing applies. The more companies and/or users are connected, the more costs for extra accounts are reduced.

In addition, variable costs for email and API calls are distributed across all accounts.

We can send you an email with the partner tariffs. Enter your company name and email address to request this message.

Webwinkel vakdagen

Our presence on the de Webwinkelvakdagen 2018

Other advantages

Partners are important for us, which is why we involve our partners in numerous marketing activities. Our partners benefit from our contacts with publishers and our presence on fairs such as the Webwinkelvakdagen. Also we organise partner events multiple times each year, to exchange thoughts on how to improve our services.

Partner score

What are the criteria for earning this award? The award is granted to partners with the highest score. The following factors have to be taken into account:

  • Mention your partnership on your website
  • Become a Copernica expert
  • Convince your relationships
  • Use Copernica for your own marketing activities
  • Ask satisfied customers to write a review
  • Publish collective content
  • Organize a seminar with Copernica
  • Take part in a fair with Copernica


The partner of the year and best newcomer awards of the past years.

Partner of the year

  • 2018 Email Enzo
  • 2017 Yellowgrape
  • 2016 Yellowgrape
  • 2015 Gracious Studios
  • 2014 ISM eCompany
  • 2013 ISM eCompany
  • 2012 redhotminute.

Best newcomer of the year

  • 2018 WeMessage
  • 2017 100%EMAIL
  • 2016 Ematters
  • 2015 PI marketing
  • 2014 Qamel
  • 2013 U-Online Marketing
  • 2012 Bookerz
Olivier Francken

Personal contact

Olivier Francken is responsible for cultivating and maintaining the strategic and commercial relationships amongst our partners.