Copernica Partner program

The most lucrative ESP partner program

Copernica partner program

You are eligible to take part in our partner program when you offer email marketing as a service and make use of Copernica Marketing Software. Participation in the program offers numerous benefits.

We'll feature you on our partner page. Customers who require support regarding templates, strategy or campaigns are referred to this page. That way, you'll be able to connect with potential customers.

In addition, you'll receive a commission for supporting a direct Copernica customer.

Finally, you'll also receive an increasing purchasing advantage whenever you onboard customers yourself.

Purchasing advantages

The commission model

Even in cases where Copernica onboards a customer directly, we prefer to conduct communication via our partners. If you support a direct Copernica customer, you'll receive a 10% commission on their monthly Copernica bill.

Partner commissions

Purchasing advantage

You'll receive a purchasing advantage if you onboard customers under your own partner account. That advantage covers both fixed- (accounts and users) and variable (emails and API-calls) costs. You'll bill customers according to our regular prices. That way, a purchasing advantage becomes a source of revenue.

More information

Want to know what kind of purchasing advantage you'll receive or find out more about the collaborations available? Simply complete the form below to receive the necessary information via email.

Not an agency but interested in collaborating?

Copernica is open to collaborations with organizations whose software or services are of added value. If this applies to you, feel free to get in touch.

Webwinkel vakdagen

Our presence on the Webwinkelvakdagen 2018


Copernica involves partners in a variety of marketing activities. This includes the promotion of use cases in trade magazines such as Twinkle and Emerce and joint presentations at trade shows such as the Webwinkel Vakdagen, E-commerce Live! and Shopping Today.

Copernica Partner Awards

The Copernica Partner Awards are held annually in honor of our most successful partners. Nominees for 'Partner of the Year' and 'Best Newcomer of the Year' are judged according to several criteria, including total revenue and growth, the number of clients onboarded and the type of marketing activities undertaken.

In 2020, Copernica presented the first award in our 'Best Technology Partner of the Year' category, recognizing partners whose products complement our software.

Tailor Digital Partner of the year 2020

Tailor Digital Partner of the year 2020

Elevate Digital Best Newcomer of the year 2020

Elevate Digital Best Newcomer of the year 2020

Previous winners

Partner of the year

  • 2020: Tailor Digital
  • 2019: PI marketing
  • 2018: Email Enzo
  • 2017: Yellowgrape
  • 2016: Yellowgrape
  • 2015: Gracious Studios

Best newcomer of the year

  • 2020: Elevate Digital
  • 2019: Divide
  • 2018: WeMessage
  • 2017: 100%EMAIL
  • 2016: Ematters

Best Technology Partner of the Year

  • 2020: Squeezely