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Simple answers to complicated questions ... We Have A Plan makes online solutions that work. For you. For your website, for your online brand, or for your webshop. We call that Online conversion. And the fun is: we make it easy for you. So no unnecessary complicated processes or vague advice. Just a good plan with just the right online resources for you. What are we planning for? Our plan is primarily an intention to keep it simple. That does not mean that it is simple. But we keep it understandable to you. Your plan is based on goals, on a customer journey, or the best deal with communication with your customers. The technical means we use for this are subordinate to it.

Copernica partner

As a partner of Copernica, AMVentures (We Have A Plan) offers their full support and services to deploy Copernica Marketing Software as effectively as possible. For example, through creative and automated email campaigns. With Copernica, you can create valuable contacts. Find out how AMVentures (We Have A Plan) can help you further.

Automated campaigns

Get personal by implementing the following email campaigns. With these campaigns, you can communicate with high degree of relevance.

Personalized newsletters

Use data to create creative and hyper personal email campaigns. Simply increase your CTR and COR.

Customer retention

Retain customers with interesting offers or relevant information based on customer data.

Repeat purchase

Send an email or SMS when a customer is most likely ready for a repeat purchase.

Abandoned shopping cart

Easily create an abandoned shopping cart email campaign and increase your turnover.

Reactivation campaign

Reactivate people after a long period by sending an email with a personal deal. For example, trade in an old product with a newer one.

Birthday campaign

Send a birthday campaign with a personalized discount offer.

Contact AMVentures (We Have A Plan)

Waterloseweg 7a 7311 JG Apeldoorn Netherlands


Expertise (9)

We develop HTML templates for websites and e-mail marketing using the Publisher platform, resulting in personalised campaigns, directions and design.

We build tailor-made campaigns, consisting of e-mail marketing, mobile, print (PDF), websites and forms, statistics, personalised data and profile enrichment. Every combination of media is possible.

We publish web forms from the Publisher platform to your website, connected to campaigns or profiles, including triggers for starting new actions or campaigns.

Our experienced programmers possess all necessary skills for implementation of Publisher in your organisation. Purpose-designed templates, web pages and even entire websites built on the information extracted from Publisher are possible.

Our art directors and graphic designers are experts regarding web design and print. We develop a complete concept and implement it with Publisher.

For those who wish to receive training in the use of Publisher, We Have A Plan offers purpose-built courses, divided into blocks of a half-day each. Whether you are looking for basic training or want to learn the more complex possibilities, We Have A Plan can accommodate your wishes.

Implementing and activating the PDF function from Publisher allows you to take care of printed matter, embedded fully in your own house style or campaign concept. Templates can be designed with personalised data, images and unique codes.

Due to our extensive experience with Magento web shop software, we are capable of connecting Publisher to any web shop. Profile and customer data, orders, etc. will be shown comprehensively in Publisher. Follow-up actions and campaigns can be expertly managed by this information.

We Have A Plan is connected to a network of professional copywriters and translators who can deliver quality texts for websites, brochures and e-mail marketing.

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