Dialogue marketing and information overload

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April 1st, 2009: My first day as New Business Manager at Copernica BV. Is there a better way to start your first day than to attend at a show... abroad. No shaking hands, not getting to know the company (internally) but direct action, learning the hard way. Luckily, I did some self-tuition so I was able to give an instant added value.

Over a month later, I can look back at a hectic period, 2 shows, a seminar, new colleagues and an absolute information overload. Intensive and wonderful at the same time.

What did I do before? Roughly 8 years ago I started working for a supplier of all kinds of cheese related products. Being Sales Manager Export, I was responsible for selling these products to (international) supermarkets. The number of countries we exported to went from 3 to 65 countries! An amazing growth, not only in turn over, also a growth in staff, knowledge and experience.

The developments that I experienced during my previous job match perfectly with the ambition Copernica has, namely becoming an international supplier. My experience in setting up business abroad is something I can certainly use at Copernica. There's a huge potential not only for Copernica as a company but also for the software that we develop. In the near future, chances are there that we'll meet during shows, via seminars, presentations or during a meeting at your company.

Do you want to get in touch right now? You can call (+31 23 75 10500) or e-mail me. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

Maikel Achten
New Business Manager