Copernica integrations

There are various generic integrations available, most of them are developed by our partners.

Integrations for e-commerce platforms

These integrations automatically synchronize relevant data from your webshop to Copernica, including customer data, products viewed in the shop, shopping basket data, orders and newsletter subscriptions.

Integrations for CMS platforms

With these integrations, you can set up targeted marketing campaigns.

Integrations for CRM systems

Connect your CRM systems to Copernica with these integrations.

Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Integrations for profiling and to personalize campaigns

With these integrations for profiling you can create highly personalized campaigns.

Analytics integrations

With these integrations you can analyze your email campaigns and inbox placement.

Integrations for Point of Sale platforms

You can synchronise your data automatically with these Point of Sale platforms.

Integrations for branch specific platforms

With these branch specific integrations you can synchronise your data automatically with Copernica

Integrations for Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) systems

Connect your ESB-system with Copernica using these integrations.

Integrations for development platforms

Connect your application to the Copernica databases.


Copernica add-ons developed by our partners.

There are pre-built integrations available for:

Developed your own integration?

Are you a Copernica partner and have you developed your own integration, or would you like to? Are you missing an integration or do you have any suggestions for new integrations? Let us know at so we can put your integration onto our list as well!

What our users say

Copernica stands out besides the reliability and user friendliness, by the extensive functionality at an affordable price.

Bosma Direct Marketing Consultancy

With the marketing software of Copernica and the customization of Tribal we can offer our customers high-quality campaigns at a good price.

Riff (voorheen Tribal)

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