Besides the existing integrations for different systems, with our powerful SOAP API you are able to create an integration with your own software. Synchronize all data from Copernica with the data from your own software to keep all information and your marketing campaigns up to date.

You can find an overview of all calls here. Copernica also supports a REST API. You can find more information about it here.

Copernica's SOAP API

Copernica's SOAP API uses the SOAP standard. This means you'll be able to integrate the API in development environments as Java Netbeans and Microsoft Visual Studio. By using the SOAP standard, programmers will quickly be able to start working with Copernica. Also, the API can be invoked from every standard programming language and development environment. To view all of the available calls you can refer to the overview.

Download SOAP API example script for PHP

Download SOAP API example script for Java

Download SOAP API example script for C#

Full control with Copernica's object model

Copernica's API uses a logical and structured object model. All data in the software is represented by objects. Read the properties of these objects with SOAP API and then update them. The methods can also be invoked. Every project is built up from smaller sub-objects. An object that represents a database for example, has a method that requests all documents that were created based on this template.

Use Copernica functionalities in the application

The power of API is that all functionalities that can be executed in Copernica's user interface, can also be used in another application if you use the SOAP API. Use the API to build up databases for instance, or to create relation profiles, to create templates or to produce email documents.

Renewed callback system

By synchronizing data between Copernica and an external location or database, you don't have to keep importing data manually from Copernica and vice versa. Both systems do this fully automatically. In Copernica, one can easily set up callback URLs. Copernica will use this to keep the third party application informed about all changes in the database of Copernica.

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