Are you a new user looking into API capabilities of Copernica? We recommend using the REST API which is faster and easier to implement.

About the API

Copernica's SOAP API uses the standard SOAP protocol. The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is an XML-based protocol to let applications exchange information over HTTP. It provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages.

Full control with Copernica's object model

The SOAP API uses a logical and structured object model. All data in the software is represented by objects. Read the properties of these objects with the SOAP API and then update them.

Powerful callback system

We do not expect you to pull the API periodically to find out when you need to update your data. To ease synchronization of data between Copernica and your application, we offer two kind of callback mechanisms. The Publisher uses a system called Callbacks. The Marketing Suite uses its successor called webHooks. Copernica uses these mechanisms to keep your application informed about changes in your Copernica account like profile creations, modifications or removals. These are just examples, you configure your own callback or webHook.

API authentication

To gain access to the SOAP API, you need to provide a valid Authorization header with each call to the API. This header should contain an API authorization token. Read more about API authentication.

API methods

All features of the Publisher are accessible via the API. Every project is built up from smaller sub-objects. An object that represents a database for example, has a method that requests all documents that were created based on this template. See the complete overview of SOAP API methods.


Warning: example soap client version 1.6 (or older) will soon become deprecated and stop working. Use version 2 (or higher) to be sure your application still works when the login method is removed.

version 2.1

version 1.6