As you may know, Copernica develops multiple e-mail related products, such as MailerQ and SMTPeter. However, we're mostly known for our complete online marketing automation toolkit, and for many, our company name Copernica has become synonymous to the product we offer.

The documentation you're about to read concerns the Copernica Marketing Software, our main product. In this, we use 'Copernica' exactly as stated above: as a product name. You'll read how to, for example, create a template 'in Copernica', or where to find statistics 'in Copernica'.

Whilst reading this documentation, it is useful to have access to the software itself. To gain access, you need a username and a password, which you'll automatically receive when you sign up at Using these credentials, you can log in and start setting up marketing campaigns immediately.

Multiple places to log in

With your Copernica credentials, it is easiest to log in via, because it's a central hub from where you can access all Copernica accounts and applications. However, you can also access the software directly from their respective web pages:

Once logged in, you'll find a big rectangle button which lets you toggle between the MarketingSuite and the Publisher. This button can be found in the left hand side menu, situated at the top.

The difference between 'Copernica Marketing Suite' and 'Copernica Publisher'

Copernica has been offering software solutions for over a decade, during which we've created multiple tools. Among these are on-premise MailerQ, cloud-based SMTPeter and online marketing tools Publisher and Marketing Suite.

Marketing Suite and Publisher largely intersect in their features: Both tools are meant for creating complete online marketing campaigns, which is why a Copernica license gives you access to both. Publisher is the 'old' environment, being over 10 years old. It lets users create campaigns in a fairly technical and detailed way. MarketingSuite, on the other hand, is new and easier to use. Under the hood, the two are equal: data inserted in one system, can be used by the other.

Because Marketing Suite is still under construction, not all of Publisher's features are available in Marketing Suite yet. To use Copernica to its full potential, it may be needed at times to switch between Publisher and Marketing Suite. Along the way, more and more of Publisher's features are being added to MarketingSuite, so in the future you won't have to switch anymore.