Copernica develops multiple email-related products like MailerQ and SMTPeter. However, Copernica is mostly recognized for the comprehensive email-toolkit which is designed especially for marketeers and webshops. Inside Copernica you find both the new Marketing Suite and the older Publisher. These services both serve the same goal, but are used quite differently. Marketing Suite is the newer software and is the most user-friendly. Therefore it is strongly recommended to start with the Marketing Suite if you are new to Copernica software.

While reading the Copernica documentation, it's best practice to have access to the software. To login, you'll need a username and password to do so. You'll receive these credentials automatically once you create a profile via From this central point you can navigate to all Copernica services seamlessly. If you are already a customer you have probably seen the toggle in the Marketing Suite, which allows you to switch to the Publisher environment. If you're still transitioning to Marketing Suite from Publisher this will make it easier for you.

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