Mobile messages in Publisher

Copernica also offers the option to send mobile mailings through fax or SMS. SMS messages are easy to compose and even international campaigns are possible without extra charges. You can send SMS mailings from the Mobile menu and fax mailings from the regular E-mailings menu.

Tariffs can be found on our pricing page.

SMS mailing

First give the document a descriptive name and (optionally) a description. Then choose the version of Smarty for personalization.

You can now immediately write content and personalize your message. A text message can be up to 160 characters long. If your message is longer you can choose to split it into multiple messages. Be especially careful when you use personalization, because values like names can be longer than you expect.

You also have to set the message sender, which is what the recipient will see when receiving the message. Set it under the document menu. Smarty personalization is also allowed in this field.

It is possible to use Copernica for sending mass fax mailings . Sending a faxmailing is not substantially different from sending a normal mass mailing .

Fax mailing

To send a fax you need to have a PDF file of the document you want to fax uploaded to Publisher. You also need the fax numbers of the profiles you want to send a message. They should be stored in a FAX field, which you can find under the field type Phone. After preparing the mailing you can send it to a selection through the mailings menu. If you use Smarty personalization test your document thoroughly as always to make sure the receivers see the document as you intended.