Access restrictions

I've received a notification stating that I have limited access to Copernica. What does this mean?

You may receive a notification in the Marketing Suite interface or Copernica dashboard informing you that your account requires approval. In this case, you won't have full access to all Copernica functionalities.

Our software enables users to send large volumes of email and SMS. We therefore verify all new accounts for security reasons. You'll receive full access to all Copernica functionalities as soon as your account has been approved.

Copernica may limit access for accounts that have already been approved, for example in the case of abuse or payment arrears.

Limited functionalities

You need an approved Copernica account to:

  • Send emails;
  • Send SMS;
  • Import files;
  • Export files;
  • Send test messages.

Getting full access to Copernica

We receive a notification whenever you create a new account. We then verify your identity and contact you via telephone or email. This usually occurs that very same day. We can approve your account as soon as this process is complete.

Do you have limited access despite having an approved account? Please contact our Support team via