Statistics: Mailing Statistics

Sent your first mailing and wondering how successful it was? Use our emailing statistics to find out.

The document statistics show information such as the errors, impressions, clicks etc. The statistics also include a table of key figures.

Marketing Suite

Go to your Mailing History and select your document or template. Go to the options tab and click Full report or View template stats to view the statistics.


The statistics for all mailings sent with the application can be found in the Emailings section.

  • Select your mailing/template on the left and click Statistics.
  • Open the full statistics report.
  • To see the statistics for mailings that have been scheduled for later processing, navigate to the Scheduled tab.

More information

There are many more statistics you can check out. You can also receive notifications or sync with your own systems in real-time with WebHooks. Find out more in the articles below!