Statistics: Key figures

The table of key figures provides an insight into the most important results of an emailing or a series of mailings. It can be found in the statistics tab from the Profile menu.

Key figures in account, document and template statistics

  • Sent mailings: Show the total amount of e-mailings sent from this account, template or document.

  • Total sent messages: Show the total amount of messages sent from this account, template or document.

  • Messages per day: The mean amount of messages sent from this account, template or document.

  • Total impressions: Total amount of registered impressions. Impressions can be registered when the recipient opens an email and views images from the email. When the images are downloaded from our servers we are able to access information about who opened this email. It is possible to have multiple impressions from a single users, for example when a user opens this mail from different devices.

  • Messages with impression: All messages with at least one impression.

  • Percentage opened: The percentage of messages with an impression from the total amount of messages sent.

  • Total click amount: Total amount fo registered clicks. This is the total amount of clicks by all users on all links. If one user clicks three times on two different links this will be registered as three clicks.

  • Unique clicks: The amount of destinations where a click was registered, double clicks or different link clicks are not counted.

  • Click through rate: The percentage of unique clicks from all messages with at least one impression. See this article for more information.

  • Total complaints: A complaint is a spam registration by the client. This number displays the amount of times a message was marked as spam by a recipient. If this number is higher than the amount of unique complaints something might have gone wrong in complaint handling. Please check if unsubscribes are handled correctly to prevent these people from getting another email.

  • Unique complaints: All unique destinations that marked your mail as spam one or multiple times.

  • Percentage complaints: The percentage of unique complaints from all destinations.

  • Key figures vs. the dominant result In the key figures (above the dominant results) all impressions and clicks are counted, causing a difference with the amount of impressions and clicks in the dominant result

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