Surveys in Publisher

In Publisher you can easily create beautiful surveys to learn the opinion of your customers on your product or service. It's an easy way to gather data about your customers, but it's important that you ask the right questions in the right manner. For tips on how to ask questions you can read this article.

Note: Surveys are currently not available in the Marketing Suite.

Creating a survey

You can easily create your own survey under Content in the Publisher main menu. It's even possible to automatically link information gathered in the survey to your profiles by creating smart hyperlinks.

If you have added a name and description to your survey you can start adding questions. There are multiple types of questions, such as the open question and the multiple choice question. The different types of questions are described in this article. Questions can always be created, edited and removed in the Surveys menu.

Each questions has a few settings. Using these you can choose to make a question optional or to start a question on a new page. A multiple choice question also has the option of allowing multiple answers or not.

To finish your survey you send the participants to a concluding page. You can add content to this page yourself. While it is not possible to use personalization here, you can link to your own page using the following code:

<script type="text/javascript"> document.location = ""; </script>

Publishing a survey


The best way to link to your survey is to use the profile identifier and code. With this information Copernica can link the results to the profiles in your database.

Image that your survey is published here:

This means that you can use the following code for profiles:{$}&code={$profile.code}

And this code for subprofiles:{$}&code={$subprofile.code}

When this link is used by a profile to submit the survey you can find the answers in the survey tab when the profile is selected.

Adding to webpage

You can also choose to host your own website with Copernica and add your survey to one of the webpages created in our software. In this case you only have to add the following tag with the name of your survey.

{survey name='surveyname'}

You can add your own XSLT as well using the following code:

{survey name='surveyname' xslt='xsltname'}

An XSLT stylesheet can be created under the Style menu.


The results of a survey can be viewed per profile when the profile is selected. You can also choose to export or follow them up with followups.

More information

You can do a lot more with surveys. The links below will help you out with some more information.


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