Setting up a sender domain

Copernica has created the concept called sender domains. This concept makes sending email simple and effective. In all Copernica services, sender domains are mandatory, because of the fact that it's such an essential element when sending out your emails. Using sender domains goes like this: in the Marketing Suite, determine from which domain you want to use for mailing. After you've done that, Copernica will let you know how the DNS settings have to be confirmed.

So if you want to send emails from addresses that end with "" or "", you can set up these domains in the Marketing Suite dashboard. Copernica returns a list with DNS records if you correctly followed the steps when setting everything up. The DNS records only need to be given to your DNS provider or your own DNS server.

You can find more information in the background-article for sender domains.

Marketing Suite

The newly designed Marketing Suite interface lets you easily set up your sender domain. When you set up your domain as a sender domain, Copernica automatically makes sure your DNS settings are correct and up-to-date. You won't need to configure anything, domain-wise, after the initial setup. This means your click, bounce and open domains are set up and your DKIM keys are rotated automatically. The sender domain settings have priority, even if you choose to only send email through the Publisher. You'll find the SENDER DOMAIN tool in the Marketing Suite menu.

The next step

To send your first mailing, you need a database with profiles to send it to. After this you'll get to send your first mail, we promise!

More information

Did you set up a sender domain? If you're curious about sender domains and the technologies that protect your reputation you can also find more information in the background articles.