Unsubscribe behaviour

Copernica receives all sorts of feedback from users who want to unsubscribe from mailing lists. These triggers come in different ways. Usually they come in the form of unsubscribe links in mailings and feedback from a user clicking the unsubscribe button in their email client. However, we can also receive complaints at our abuse address or be informed when a user marks your mail as spam. Copernica collects and handles these triggers according to your preferred unsubscribe behaviour. This behaviour must be set for every database you use.

You as a customer must decide what the response should be to an unsubscribe that Copernica receives. There are several options: ignoring the trigger, deleting the entire profile or changing a field value. Ignoring the trigger is illegal and may result in many unstatisfied customers. If you change a field value you can use it to make a newsletter selection.

Marketing Suite settings

Unsubscribe behaviour can be set for each database individually. In the Database & Profiles section, select your database and click on the cog wheel in the bar on the top of your screen. You can now set your unsubscribe behaviour.

Publisher settings

First go to the Profiles section and select the database you want to change the behaviour of. You can then find the unsubscribe options under Database management and determine how you want to handle unsubscriptions.

More information

Now you know who your most valuable profiles are: those who want to receive your email. If you keep profile data from unsubscriptions, you should make a newsletter selection to exclude them from your mailings. Find out more in the articles below.