Validated integrations

Copernica offers integrations with web stores, customer data platforms (CDP), content management systems (CMS) and more. Integrations allow for synchronization between these platforms and Copernica. Anyone may build an integration, although most integrations are offered by our partners.

Best-in-class integrations that meet Copernica's quality standards with regard to ease of use, cost, security, support, stability and performance (among other areas) are awarded the 'validated integration' certification. Certified integrations are more actively promoted among our users.

Copernica monitors validated integrations to ensure they continue to meet our quality standards.

Using unvalidated integrations

Unvalidated integrations have not yet completed our certification process or do not meet the requirements set. These integrations may nonetheless be used.

Determining which integrations have been validated

If you'd like to find out which integrations have been validated, please contact our Support team via

Validating your integration

If you've developed an integration that you'd like to submit for validation, get in touch with us via Copernica will review and test the integration. Integrations that meet our criteria are awarded certification and promoted accordingly. This may involve costs.

Copernica reserves the right to adjust quality standards. Certifications may be withdrawn if changes in our quality standards, updates to the integration, the receipt of feedback or any other circumstance causes the integration to fall short of our criteria.