Statistics: Exporting mailing statistics

Marketing Suite

This functionality is not available in Marketing Suite yet.


Mailing/template statistics

The results (statistics) of a mailing can be exported. You will receive a text file containing the results of the mailing. The file can then be imported into excel or other software for further calculations.

  1. First select the mailing/template of which you want to export the results. Find the correct document or template under E-mailings and select it. Click on statistics and then click the option for a full report.
  2. Then click Export from the Mailings menu.
  3. Choose what kind of information (destinations, impressions, clicks, errors) you want to export, and which database or collection fields you want to include in the export.
  4. Depending on the previous settings, some extra options may follow.

To export profiles or subprofiles based on the results of a mailing, you can create a selection based on the results of an email campaign, and use the export function under profiles to export its content.

Account mailing statistics

If you want to export all mailing statistics for an account first go to the E-mailings menu. From here click Mailings > Statistics and click on the option "Show full statistics report" on the bottom of the page. If you click Mailing again the menu will now offer the option "Export results...".

More information

The REST API is another good way to export your results. You can write your own script to periodically request and store your statistics, for example. Find out more in the articles below.