Tips, tricks and background

The Copernica software has a lot of functionalities that are based on a lot of techniques and background information. This is why we have compiled some tips and tricks to optimize the result of your mailings and teach you new things you may not know yet. Some articles are based on background, others more on the software and how to use it. If you get lost at any point we suggest trying the glossary for a quick definition of the words that are used in these articles.


Your reputation with email clients is extremely important. If you have a bad reputation it's possible that your emails will not be delivered. A clean database, low spamscore and neat HTML all help you build a good reputation. In the articles below we expand on these topics and give you some more quick tips.

Databases and selections tips

It's important to your reputation and effectiveness that your database is clean and up-to-date. With effective selections you can easily reach your target groups. We'd like to help you maintain your database and selections, which is why we've compiled some tips in the articles below. Further down in this article you will also find some tutorials for common selections.

Sender domains

Sender domains enable Copernica to send email in your name. There are several techniques that prevent those with bad intentions from harming your reputation, but this makes the process of sending email a lot more complicated. All of these matters are handled (and maintained!) by Copernica after you make a sender domain.

Selection tutorials

With selections you can easily deliver email to your target groups. The following articles will help you create some of the most common selections.


Here you can find some more background and tips on miscellaneous topics.