Reducing HTML errors

In Copernica software templates can be written in HTML and this may sometimes result in HTML errors. Not all of them are visible to the eye of your customer, but they can be visible to email clients accepting your email. Leaving errors in your templates may influence your deliverability, so reduce HTML errors as much as possible. This article will help you with locating errors and solving some of the most common ones.

To see if your template and/or document has any HTML errors, click on the warnings button in the lower toolbar of the screen. This check provides some information on the found error and how you could solve it.

Some HTML errors may only come up when the document is personalized. Set the preview version to personalized in the lower left corner to validate the personalized document using the test destination.

Common HTML errors

Warning: <img> lacks "alt" attribute The image has no alt attribute. You should solve this, because not everyone is able to see your images. The alt attribute provides an alternative description for when the image is not loaded.

<img src="car.png" alt="Picture of a car" />

Warning: <table> lacks "summary" attribute You can remove this warning by adding summary="" attribute to table tags in your template and document.

Warning: trimming empty <span> Most HTML tags have opening and closing tags. If you see this warning, the closing tag is missing.

<span>Content goes here</span> Some HTML tags are self closed: <br />

Warning: discarding unexpected </td> Most HTML tags have opening and closing tags. If you see this warning, the opening tag is missing.

<td>This is a table cell</td>**

Error: <dfgsdfg> is not recognized! The tag does not exist. Check for misspellings.

Warning: missing <!DOCTYPE> declaration The HTML doctype is missing in the template. You may ignore this warning.

Warning: <html element> proprietary attribute "attribute name" The HTML element has an non-existing attribute. Remove the attribute or check for spelling errors.

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