Logfiles in Marketing Suite

Copernica keeps a log of all sent messages. We keep data on events: deliveries, clicks, opens, retries, etc. These log files can be retrieved through the REST API, but the Marketing Suite also has an interface for it. You'll find it under the 'Operations Log' tab in the left menu.

The 'Operations Log' tab allows you to see the log files of all messages on a specific day. The files are sorted by application (MarketingSuite or Publisher) and type (click, delivery, etc.). Clicking on one of the categories will show the mailings of that day, specified by their destination ID, and some other information.

Message information

The destination IDs of messages are clickable. Click one, and you'll get to the Message Information screen. Here, you'll find all the details on the message, such as the full content of the message, recipient, subject, attachments, and more.

message information

Next to the mailing itself are two tabs: 'Events' and 'Template'. 'Events' shows the full details on every event that occurred with the email, like the exact time it was opened, on what device and which operating system was used.

'Template' holds information on the template that was used, like its ID and how many times it has been used.

Downloading log files

It is possible to download log files to your computer using the 'Download' button in the Operations Log. Another way of retrieving log files is through the REST API, or to get notified of events using WebHooks. The following logfiles are available for Marketing Suite:

Prefix Type of information
cdm-attempts General info about mails sent with Marketing Suite (MS)
cdm-abuse Info about mails sent via MS that triggered a notification
cdm-click Info about clicks generated from mails sent with MS
cdm-delivery Info about delivered mails sent with MS
cdm-error Info about mails sent with MS that triggered an error
cdm-impression Info about impressions from mails sent with MS
cdm-retry Info about mails sent via MS for which we retry a delivery
cdm-unsubscribe Info about mails sent via MS that triggered an unsubscribe
feedback-loop-errors Info about errors in your feedback loops

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