Quick start

Before being able to send campaigns in Copernica, there is some setup work to do. First you have to set up a sender domain so Copernica can send email for you. You also have to configure your DNS settings and subdomains. After this we'll take care of getting your emails delivered succesfully. The second step is to create or import your database. After doing this you can make selections and rules to email specific subsets of your database.

After you have completed these steps you can create your first template with the very user-friendly template editor inside the Marketing Suite.

Done finishing your template? Good! You are now ready to send your first mailing.

Quick start checklist

To help you out, we've created a small checklist of things you need to get you started. After completing it, you'll be able to send your first mass mailing.

More information

Do you want to receive realtime updates about your mailings? Incorporate WebHooks into your own system and receive all eventsright off our servers.