Marketing automation

Automation is happening everywhere: Copernica's sender domains, for example, make sure your emails are authenticated automatically. However, Copernica also offers several functionalities to automate your own campaigns and make your job easier!

With Copernica you can send emails automatically, or personalize emails by using data about your customers. The personal greeting is a well known classic within marketing, but did you know that you can also tailor the content of your email to the interests of your customers?

In this article we will explain the many possibilities of selections, personalization and follow-ups. With selections you can group customers and with personalization you can tailor emails specifically for each customer. Follow-ups can be used to automatically perform actions based on triggers like clicks, unsubscribes and profile modifications.

Sending email

Copernica has a powerful database system in which you can easily group customers into selections. You can use these to make a newsletter selection, for example, allowing you to only email those who have subscribed to your newsletter. Or you can create a birthday selection, so you can congratulate each customer on their birthday without the hassle of sending those emails by hand.

You can also send emails as the reaction to a trigger. You can achieve this and much more with Copernica's follow-ups.

Personalizing email

Personalizing email can be done by plugging customer information into the template directly, but you can also use this information to specify conditions. Using this method you can choose which content blocks to use in your email, for example. Copernica uses the template engine Smarty, but we also offer a range of our own useful functions and modifiers.

Automating databases

With follow-ups it's also possible to edit (sub)profiles based on triggers like link clicks and unsubscribes. You can write your own unsubscribe behaviour using this functionality, for example.

More information

Now that you know what some of the possibilities are you can start automating! We recommend the following articles and tutorials to get you started.