If you are new to Copernica and e-mailmarketing you might encounter many new terms in our documentation and software. This page is meant to explain some of the most important terms to help you get started. Some terms also contain a link to our documentation to provide you with more information.

Term Description
API Application Programming Interface: A set of standard protocols to get access to the data of an application. See REST and SOAP.
Account Within a Copernica Account you can send mailings, create databases and selections. Users can have access to multiple accounts.
CNAME record Canonical Name Record: Used to give a domain an alias. This way you can create a website with Copernica on your own domain name, for example.
Company profile A company profile receives invoices from all accounts linked to a company. Users must belong to a company profile to have access to the software.
DKIM Domain Keys Identified Mail: Used to digitally sign your emails in the header of the email. Used to verify your identity.
DMARC Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance: A policy in the DNS record. It specifies how to handle emails where DKIM or SPF records are missing or incorrect.
DNS Domain Name Server: The system that translates domains to IP addresses.
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation: A regulation adopted by the European Union to protect the data of its citizens.
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol: Standard internet protocol for sending information. Not encrypted.
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure: Safer and newer version of HTTP. Uses SSL for encryption.
MailerQ Copernica's high performance mail transfer agent.
Marketing Suite Copernica's user-friendly marketing software.
MTA Mail Transfer Agent: Software that transfers email using SMTP. Copernica uses their own software: MailerQ.
MX Mail eXchange record: Contains the name of the computer that handles email traffic for the domain. This will refer to Copernica in your case to handle bounces.
Publisher Copernica's extensive marketing software toolkit.
Responsive Email A tool to convert JSON files into HTML emails that look good in every emailing client.
REST API Representational State Transfer: An API to upload, update, receive or delete Copernica data.
Sender domains Domain to email with using Copernica. This is a set of DNS records (MX, DKIM, SPF and DMARC) to put on your server so we can make emailing easy!
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol: Standardprotocol for sending email.
SMTPeter A Copernica product used for sending pre-made email.
SOAP API Simple Object Access Protocol: An extensive API comparible to all methods in the Publisher interface.
SPF Sender Policy Framework: Ensures that Copernica is allowed to send email from your address in this case.
Users A user can have access to different accounts to design and send mailings.

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