Styling in Publisher

Publisher allows you to customize the look of webforms, surveys and feeds through CSS and XSLT. Stylesheets for both can be created under the Style component in the Publisher.

Both options also offer a default styling sheet to help you get started. Clear comments indicate what each line of code does, making it easy to start editing to create a style that reflects your corporate identity.


With CSS stylesheets you can change the look and feel of your HTML document. Possibilities include changing the color and size of your font, changing the background color and adding borders to elements.

CSS is a widely used technology, which means there are many resources available to teach you everything you need to know. Therefore our documentation will not discuss the syntax or give you tutorials, but teach you how to use it within our platform. Resources for learning CSS include Mozilla's introduction to CSS or this tutorial from tutorialspoint.


Using XSLT you can convert XML files to HTML source code. By creating a custom XSLT style you can define how to style this HTML code. Titles for examples, can be placed within <h1> tags and paragraphs within <p> tags.

While XSLT offers many possibilities, it is also complex and requires more specific knowledge compared to CSS. XSLT, just like CSS, is a widely used technology and there are many resources available, like this tutorial from w3schools or this tutorial from tutorialspoint. Within this documentation we only discuss the application of this technology within our software. We also offer a few tips and tricks pertaining to this tricky language.

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