RSS and atom feeds

Note: This function does not yet exist in Marketing Suite.

Don't know what content to put on a web page or emailing? Have you ever thought of a content feed? You decide what content you want on a certain page or email. Just add an RSS or Atom feed to your marketing campaign in Copernica.

Dynamic content with feeds

Content feeds are collections of articles that you publish through various channels, in your emails or web pages for example. Use feeds you create yourself in Copernica, or choose external feeds like the newsfeed of a blog.

In Copernica you can easily include an RSS or Atom feed in your email or web page. Compose the articles for a feed with the user friendly Copernica editor. Easily add various sections to an RSS or Atom feed. This enables you to sort the articles you add to the feed according to these sections.

Designing RSS or Atom feeds with Copernica

In just a few steps, you'll be able to compose the address of your feed in Copernica. This is the link that points to your content feed when you use it in your emailing or on your web page. Use style sheets (CSS or XSLT) for the further layout of your RSS or Atom feed. Create style sheets in Copernica or upload existing ones through Copernica's import optionality.

Need help loading an RSS or Atom feed? Or are you looking for someone that can help you design your content feed? Find a helping hand with our partner network.

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