Stylesheet: Creating and editing

The Style component allows you to create new stylesheets using the Stylesheet menu. The stylesheet is generic and contains tabs to create stylesheets for general, RSS feeds and Atom feeds, surveys and web forms. All in one file separated with tabs.

You can compose each style sheet with example coding, or create an empty stylesheet to start from scratch. The example CSS files comes with lots of comments about the classes and how they can be manipulated.

Testing the stylesheet

To test your stylesheet under Content, select the web form, survey or feed. Then go to the Preview tab and select the stylesheet from the list.

Preview style or xslt

The preview tab allows you to preview an xslt or css with your webform, feed or survey.

Linking the stylesheet

To use the stylesheet with your document or template, find the so called option in the template or document menu. Once you have linked a style sheet, a new tab Style is added above the document or template. From here you can instantly edit its rules.

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