Templates and mailings

Templates are the base for all your mails. They contain the document you will send to your user. You can style them using Marketing Suite's very user-friendly template editor, or by coding in XSLT or CSS. You can automatize them with followup actions. After sending a mail with your template you can view the template statistics or mailing statistics.

Creating and styling your template

In the Marketing Suite, you simply drag and drop content blocks onto your template such as text, headers, images, social media buttons, and much more. Hit send after you've finished and the rest speaks for itself. If you want to quickly put together a beautiful and professional looking email, the Marketing Suite is the way to go.

In Publisher you can create CSS stylesheets or use XSLT files.

It is wise to add a text version of your mail as well. This will decrease your spam score and is a courtesy to users who want to have their mails displayed as plain text.

Personalizing your template

Templates can be personalized with Smarty functions, modifiers and variables. You can use them to send a personalized greeting, or even to modify the content blocks the mail will contain. See the article on personalization for more information on how to personalize.


Followups can be used to automate campaigns. Some of the possibilities include automatic mails, updating or removing a profile and contacting a profile. The easiest way to add followups is with the Marketing Suite Follow-Up Manager.


You can view the statistics for individual mailings of a template or the template in general. The latter is very handy for example if you send birthday emails, because this can lead to a new mailing every day. You can find more information in the article on template statistics.

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