Follow-up Manager

The follow-up manager is a user-friendly tool to make advanced campaigns. By integrating this tool with the template editor it is made easy to make complicated and personalized follow-up actions. The follow-up manager can be used when someone clicks on an element, for example a hyperlink, image, video or other call-to-action. You could even keep track of what links someone clicks in their profile.

You can navigate to the follow-up-manager by selecting a CTA in the template editor that you want to create a follow-up for. You can make a follow-up with the flowchart editor or with the script editor.

Flowchart editor

The flowchart editor creates follow-up actions by combining different boxes. Some boxes even allow for additional JavaScript programming to add extra functionalities. The available objects can be found here.

Script editor

The script editor is for the more advanced user or programmer. This is where you can use JavaScript to create advanced campaigns. These scripts are, just like the flowchart editor, executed on the Copernica server if an element is clicked. The available objects can be found here.

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