Copernica has a very extensive email toolkit for marketers and developers. Our Marketing Software consists of two different products, the Marketing Suite and the Publisher. The Marketing Suite enables you to quickly and easily develop and send personalized templates with conditional content. If you need more flexibility in developing email templates, for example, by dynamically building your templates with atom or rss-feeds, the Publisher is a good fit for you. You can also use Publisher to create web forms and text messages. The Copernica Publisher should not be confused with other email-related products Copernica offers, such as SMTPeter and MailerQ.

Using the Copernica dashboard, accessible through, you can control all users and account cases. You can also use the dashboard to simply navigate to the Marketing Suite or Publisher.

There are videos and instructions available to help you get started with the software.

Set up

Before you are able to send emails using Copernica, you need to configure your sender domain. This configuration consists of two steps: setting up your sender domain and entering the correct DNS-settings. This will allow Copernica's servers to send emails on your behalf. Aside from this, you will need to fill your database and set up rules and selections.

Now that you have a database with users and a configured sender domain, all that's left is an email to send. You can create an email with our user-friendly template editor available in the Marketing Suite or the more flexible editor used by Publisher.


Eager to get started? The articles below provide instructions to set up your account as described in the previous paragraphs. After following the instructions you will be all set to send your first email using Copernica.

Your first mailing

Before you can send your first mailing, you will need a send selection with profiles and a document to send. If you have followed the checklist above, you will have all that is necessary to send your first email! When preparing your first bulk mailing, you must specify at what time the email must be sent, what tags should be included, and specify the selection with the recipients. Once you have entered this information and pressed the send button, your first mailing has become real!

More information

Did you send your first email? If you already completed the steps above you're ready to get advanced! Want to customize emails for your customers? Want to automate your campaigns? You can find all the information you need in the links below.