Statistics: The dominant results of a mailing

This chart provides an overview of the statistics for each mailing. This chart only displays the DOMINANT result. That means that if a subscriber has both registered for an impression and a click, only the click is counted on this view. Thus, the green box represents the number of destinations where a click was registered as the dominant result, not the total number of clicks.

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Error (bounces)

The mailing has triggered an error somewhere in the delivery process. Check the errors tab to see what error and in what stage it occurred.

No response (no activity registered)

The software was not able to register a response from the subscriber. Simply put: we don ’t know what happened with the mail. He or she may have blocked the return of results, discarded the e-mail without opening it or there may be other causes that we cannot determine.


See how many subscribers opened your mailing (but did not click on a link).


See how many subscribers clicked on a hyperlink in your mailing. Clicks on {unsubscribe} links are not included in this figure. See below.


Represents the number of unsubscribes in your mailing. They have clicked on the {unsubscribe} link.


Represents the number of subscribers from whom we received a complaint about your email. They may have reported it as spam, or reported an abuse otherwisely.

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