Statistics: Click-through rate

De click-through rate in e-mailmarketing describes the relation between people who open the mail and those that have clicked at least one of the hyperlinks in the mail. This is an important statistic because it says a lot about how interesting your mail is to your users. If you are able to grab the users attention with your mail you can lead them to your website.

Copernica uses the following formula to calculate the click rate:

Click through rate

Note: To calculate the CTR the dominant results are used.


We have a campaign with 120 impressions where 12 people also clicked at least one hyperlink.

CTR = (12 / (120 + 12)) * 100 = 9%

What is a good CTR?

What constitutes a good CTR is relative and differs per company, target group, type of mailing etc. There is no absolute number to indicate whether you are doing well or not. However, it is good to have a consistent or even a rising CTR, as it indicates users are still clicking and not getting bored with your company.

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