SPARQUE email marketing integration

By our partner SPARQUE


SPARQUE technology makes every contact moment that you have with your customer meaningful. With personalized orders, recommendations and search results calculated in real-time.

Stop using systems that ask you to pre-determine each segment and every follow-up action. They quickly become unworkable as soon as the number of segments grows, let alone when you personalize one-to-one. With SPARQUE, personalization is completely data driven and automated. Your knowledge of your customers and your business is translated into models that lead to the display of relevant content and products, for each individual visitor.

SPARQUE gives each individual visitor targeted content, with relevance real-time monitoring what the last viewed pages are, or products in the shopping cart, device, location, time, etc... It's about what the customer wants at the moment of interaction, not a profile that is only based on previous visits.

For more information you can visit the website from our partner SPARQUE.

About this integration:

This integration is developed by our partner SPARQUE . Contact this partner directly for more information about the integration and pricing. Copernica is not responsible for the proper working of this integration.

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