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Copernica partner: Email Enzo

Email Enzo

Enzo adviseert, bedenkt, ontwerpt en verstuurt e-mail campagnes voor o.a. webshops, websites, spaarplatformen, hotels en merken.

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Copernica partner: Happy Leads

Happy Leads

Happy Leads specialises in online lead generation, social media advertising and email marketing. Do you want to increase the number of subscriptions to you newsletter, introduce your product or service to a group of consumers, generate more requests for brochures, or do you merely want to increase your target audience? By using an extensive and diverse network, Happy Leads will find you the right target group at the right point in time. Happy Leads brings brands and people together. We like to find the right consumer for your product or service in close collaboration with you. Together, we will bring to fruition an appropriate, creative campaign for more leads, more sales or more reach. Our involvement does not end where your live campaign starts. Happy Leads manages such campaign but continues to optimise it throughout. By combining testing and analysis with our many years of experience in direct and online marketing, we strive to achieve that ultimate goal: the optimum result.

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Copernica partner: ISM Online Marketing B.V.

ISM Online Marketing B.V.

ISM eCompany, full service e-commerce bureau, is al ruim 20 jaar succesvol in e-commerce. Door een succesvolle aanpak waarin bewezen e-commerce strategie, creatief interaction design, praktische online marketing en slimme techniek worden gecombineerd tot succesvolle webshops, realiseren wij e-commerce rendement voor onze opdrachtgevers. ISM eCompany biedt B2B, B2C, Cross-Channel en Online Marketing oplossingen en ondersteunt daarbij verschillende e-commerce platformen. Wij kennen als geen ander de spelregels van succesvolle e-commerce. ISM eCompany is e-commerce partner van onder andere Amac, Open 32, Sport 2000, every.day.counts, State of Art, Simon Lévelt, Pontmeyer, Enveloppenland.be, Fatboy en Duifhuizen. Meer informatie over ISM eCompany? www.ism.nl || www.ismecompany.be

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Copernica partner: PI Marketing - Performance & Intelligence

PI Marketing - Performance & Intelligence

The choice for Copernica has been made. But then? How do I get the most out of it? Where do I begin? How do I ensure speed and revenue growth, but at the same time monitor quality? PI marketing developed together with Copernica SMART START especially for newcomers and transferers with these questions. SMART START consists of a number of services with which you can organize your e-mail marketing smartly, qualitatively and scalably in Copernica within no time. And you don't pay an hourly fee, but a (low) amount per month for smart solutions. Solutions that ensure that you achieve and continue to achieve your goal because PI marketing ensures that they are continuously optimized. A few examples are: - Responsive e-mail template - guaranteed deliverability & always up to date - Retargeting flows - automatic emails with personalized content based on website behavior - Active webshop link - Magento, Woocommerce, Lightspeed & others - Lead generation - maximum growth of your database - Newsletter dispatch - fast processes, no errors - Multilingualism - all your email marketing in multiple languages ​​without complexity - Account setup - future proof, professional setup & import of all your data - Dashboards - real-time insight into the quality and performance of your email marketing

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Copernica partner: Adwise - Your Digital Brain

Adwise - Your Digital Brain

Adwise zet bedrijven continu op voorsprong door het beste van verschillende werelden met elkaar te verbinden. Dit gebeurt met een ongelofelijke drang tot innovatie gecombineerd met meer dan 12 jaar nuchtere ervaring en expertise. En met de allerbeste specialisten die niet alleen in hun beeldscherm zitten, maar vooral graag met mensen werken.

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Copernica partner: Qamel BV

Qamel BV

Qamel is a full service email marketing agency. With over 12 years of email marketing experience wWe provide higher conversions and more succesful interaction with your customers. We help with strategy, responsive design, templates, content, test plan and integration. Our organized processes, clear pricing structure and practical approach makes doing business with Qamel easy. We aim for measurable results and result maximization for the B2B, charity and B2C e-mail channel.

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Copernica partner: 22 Times

22 Times

22 Times is an innovative email marketing agency with a strong focus on conversion optimization. Independent of software, but with extensive knowledge of Copernica and other email marketing (automation) software. Whatever it takes to make your email marketing really work with an even better Return on Marketing Investment. We work for large companies such as Elsevier and Ziggo, but also smaller, less well known companies which value our professionalism and expertise.

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Copernica partner: BrandPulse


Brandpulse is an online specialist in the area of delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment through the right channel. We do this by means of super creative and personalised cross channel campaigns which we develop with and on the best available software. In our campaigns we bring all data sources together to create the optimal customer experience for your customers. Brandpulse not only helps with the initial set up but stays involved with the execution of the further process. By constantly monitoring and improving the campaigns, we are able to gain the maximum effect out of your marketing budget.

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Copernica partner: Ray the Mailman

Ray the Mailman

Switching from MailChimp to Copernica? I'm your man! After years of working as an official MailChimp Expert (during which I coded over 150 email templates), I decided to partner up with Copernica in 2014. My first project was / is a pretty big one (check out the case that comes with this profile to find out more), which enabled me to get to know almost every aspect of Copernica very well. You don't have to come from MailChimp in order to work with me, obviously. I'm an allround email marketing guy with years of experience. The best part: I do everything myself. That means you speak with the person who does the work. My various qualities enable me to speak the language of designers, developers and marketing folks. This makes for varied and interesting days, which keeps me sharp - which in turn works to your advantage!

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Copernica partner: AMVentures (We Have A Plan)

AMVentures (We Have A Plan)

Simple answers to complicated questions ... We Have A Plan makes online solutions that work. For you. For your website, for your online brand, or for your webshop. We call that Online conversion. And the fun is: we make it easy for you. So no unnecessary complicated processes or vague advice. Just a good plan with just the right online resources for you. What are we planning for? Our plan is primarily an intention to keep it simple. That does not mean that it is simple. But we keep it understandable to you. Your plan is based on goals, on a customer journey, or the best deal with communication with your customers. The technical means we use for this are subordinate to it.

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Copernica partner: Stratics


Zie Nederlands

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Copernica partner: LAW Creative

LAW Creative

Originally founded to provide creative marketing solutions for the hotel, retail and leisure markets, we have successfully diversified by using our customer acquisition expertise to help clients in other sectors. We are a full service and integrated agency, meaning we provide a comprehensive range of services including: integrated marketing, hotel marketing, digital marketing, strategic planning and creative. We're able to work on the planning and implementation of complete campaigns or, alternatively, on a project-by-project basis. Our head office is in Hertfordshire, and we have a secondary office in London's Covent Garden, meaning we can provide London agency service at lower than London prices.

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Copernica partner: Modern Minds

Modern Minds

Modern Minds ♥ eCommerce. As webshop experts and experienced entrepreneurs, we help entrepreneurs to sell online. We know everything about email marketing, online marketing and conversion. You may know us from Frankwatching.com or our book: http://www.meerverkopenmetjewebshop.nl

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Copernica partner: Groeier!


Onder de naam Groeier! werken wij als netwerkbureau voor starters, mkb+ & multinationals. Hierbij wordt Groeier! ook door verschillende reclamebureau’s ingehuurd. Naast conceptueel denkers & strategen zijn wij qua expertises een bureau op zich. Onze specialismes in het communicatievak zijn bedrijfsidentiteiten vanuit mentale merkidentiteit, merkstrategie, content marketing (storytelling), concepten, online marketing, SEM marketing (Google analytics & Google adwords), responsive websites, webbanners, affiliate marketing, vormgeving/dtp, keynote presentaties, fotografie (ook product), aansturen van operationele teams, maar bovenal zijn wij creatief. Uiteraard zijn expertises eindig. Zodra andere expertises nodig zijn worden die aangestuurd door Groeier!

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Copernica partner: Engage


At Engage, our performance driven approach ensures that our clients deliver outstanding digital engagement to their customers. We deliver results by merging creative ideas with business knowledge and innovative technologies. Our digital solutions make a difference, add value and have measurable impact. Our mission is to empower clients to easily launch digital campaigns across multiple channels and devices. We define the business need and build a digital road map covering: digital strategy, creative design, technical architecture, digital marketing and continued optimisation. immersive style allows us to identify future developments and opportunities. We enable clients to provide their customers with information, content, products and services that they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Working across the UK and Ireland, we have developed an extensive and diverse client portfolio. From destination marketing to public service campaigns, we have experience across a number of industries and sectors. Using Copernica we can fully personalise our client’s campaigns. Personalised tags are automatically replaced with custom and predefined fields which makes it easier for us to identify our client’s audience and engage them effectively. We can tap into our own HTML knowledge, or make use of pre-designed email templates. Copernica enables us to gain access to all the tools our clients need to create professional and clever emails.

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Copernica partner: ResponseConcepts


ResponseConcepts is an online marketing agency specialized in permission marketing. With lead generation products in Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, France, Germany and UK, we expand your online reach by adding consumers within your target audience to your database. Our team of specialist and professionals help our partners build a dedicated engagement strategy to approach these consumers in the most effective way, in order to optimize brand awareness as much as possible.

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Copernica partner: TRIMM. Digital Craftsmanship.

TRIMM. Digital Craftsmanship.

Full service internet agency TRIMM, located in Enschede, added Copernica Marketing Software to their Marketing Automation portfolio. At TRIMM we are incredibly adept with digital business development. We help clients to add organizational value by using their online channel. Offering clients a solution for Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Online Marketing Campaigns at various levels (small, medium and enterprise) is one of TRIMM's pillars. At TRIMM we work with a dedicated team of certificated specialists. They work on the set up, execution, optimization and management of Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Campaigns on a daily basis. TRIMM - Digital Craftsmanship

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Copernica partner: Quercis Information Consultants

Quercis Information Consultants

Quercis helps organizations to automate and optimize business processes. For Exact software we have developed the Exact Copernica connector to exchange data with Copernica. This allows you to select contacts in Exact and send these to Copernica. In this way account managers in our organization can see what contacts have seen your email and on what subjects they have clicked. This gives emailmarketing in your company an extra dimension. As Exact Gold partner, we offer you the combination of knowledge and understanding of software processes. Our employees have many years of experience in implementing Exact software. They have succesfully implemented the software in various industries many times, making use of their background and experience in different (managerial) functions in different functional areas in various organizations.This practical experience is of high added value in helping you to get your software and business processes to the next level.

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Copernica partner: Intracto NV

Intracto NV

Intracto stands for a devoted team of specialists. Always pursuing the digital success of our clients. We are a team of passionate digital experts: developers, front-end and back-end developers, web designers, online marketeers, strategists and service specialists.

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Copernica partner: Extendure Creative Business B.V.

Extendure Creative Business B.V.

Een geplant zaadje laten wij uitbloeien tot een volwaardige plant. Van een boom maken wij een bos. Wij zijn Extendure, jouw full service online marketingbureau met gepassioneerde online marketing professionals. Wij zijn er om één doel te bereiken: groei! Oftewel: jouw online succes.

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Copernica partner: Cream


Cream is a full-service e-commerce agency. With our certified Magento developers and close collaboration with Copernica, we are able to build successful and most importantly profitable online projects.

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Copernica partner: 30Knots E-commerce & E-mailmarketing

30Knots E-commerce & E-mailmarketing

30 Knots is an e-commerce and online marketing agency with a specialisation in email marketing and marketing automation. Together with you and for you we develop an optimal email marketing strategy, responsive email templates and content marketing plan and we can also execute this for you if you want. Our team consists of pragmatic people with a strong passion for e-commerce and email marketing and combine strong thinking skills with practical acting skills. Our focus is on webshops in the B2B and B2C market segment. Due to the fact that we exploit a couple of webshops in the B2B and B2C market segments by ourselves we test a lot of email marketing and marketing automation campaigns and we use this knowledge we gained from this for your business to realise more conversions and more interaction with existing customers and new customers, cause we know what works!

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Copernica partner: Admix Connect B.V.

Admix Connect B.V.

Admix·Connect provides users of Copernica support in making templates, websites and forms and in the development of software and connections based on SOAP API, XSLT and RSS. Admix Connect is expert in data retrieval and combining them using web technology. For websites and intranet and e-mail marketing campaigns. www.admixconnect.nl +31 (0) 40 213 01 12

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Copernica partner: BlooSEM


Je wil je email marketing programma naar the next level brengen, maar waar ga je starten? Neem dan contact met ons op! BlooSEM is een ervaren partner op het gebied van email marketing en we helpen je graag om meer relevante bezoekers, omzet en/of terugkerende klanten te krijgen. BlooSEM is een online performance marketing bureau, al ruim 15 jaar helpen wij organisaties goed gevonden te worden. Wij zijn specialist in het bedenken en uitvoeren van een resultaat gedreven online marketing strategie. Met een enthousiast team staan we iedere dag klaar voor onze klanten. BlooSEM heeft kennis hoog in het vaandel staan, door bovenop marktontwikkelingen te zitten en door goed contact tussen diverse partners als Google, LinkedIn en Copernica. Bij ons staat de klant centraal. Dit houdt in persoonlijke aandacht, betrokkenheid, het spreken van de branchetaal en een professionele, no-nonsense, resultaatgerichte aanpak. Van start-up en challengers tot volwassen A-merken. Duurzaam maatwerk. Korte lijnen, lange relaties!

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Copernica partner: Tailor Digital B.V.

Tailor Digital B.V.

A2Concepts is a E-Commerce agency with fashion expertise.

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Copernica partner: aYaline


aYaline helps your company in the integration of Copernica in your IS. aYaline company is a technological innovating 100% Open Source company with 4 strong know-how (Agency, Solutions, Integration, Accommodation) 100% integrated for the success of customer projects. aYaline provides business solutions in the following segments: E-Commerce, E-tourism, E-Communities and Open Source. aYaline solutions are modular and opened, with an integrated approach (solutions + services + support).

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Copernica partner: Arlanet BV

Arlanet BV

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Copernica partner: GENOME DIGITAL


Ad&n is your advisor for all your communication needs. Our team of experts offer their knowledge to help you in marketing, editorial services, strategy and web communication. We have the solutions to reach your goals.

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Copernica partner: Jerome HQ

Jerome HQ

JEROME is jouw team van online marketing specialisten. Voor een vast bedrag per maand nemen wij al jouw digital marketing werkzaamheden uit handen. Wij zetten dié kanalen in die voor jouw relevant zijn. Zo zorgen wij voor meer bezoekers op jouw website en zorgen wij voor meer conversie en meer omzet uit de online kanalen. Wij worden net als jou blij van meer conversie en meer omzet. Enthousiasme, flexibiliteit en een persoonlijke contact zijn voor JEROME belangrijke drivers naar online resultaat. JEROME neemt al het specialistische online marketing werk uit handen. Vanuit één aanspreekpunt heb je direct toegang tot een team van online marketeers voor een vaste prijs per maand. Onze marketeers hebben elk zijn eigen specialismen, zo bestaat team JEROME uit onder andere SEO specialisten, e-mailmarketeers, online strategen, conversie specialisten, UI/UX designers, social marketeers en affiliate specialisten. Door jouw marktkennis te bundelen met onze kennis van alle digital marketingkanalen (CRO, SEO, SEA, social, e-mail en feed marketing) zorgen voor een voorsprong op jouw online concurrentie.

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Copernica partner: High Teck Internet Applications

High Teck Internet Applications

No long introduction:I build internet applications with a strong focus on e-commerce, using Wordpress and Magento. Customers refer to me as no-nonsense and pragmatic.

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Copernica partner: The Valley

The Valley

The Valley is an authentic omni-channel marketing and communications agency. We co-operate with brands to render their customers and leads an individual brand experience. Irrespective of the phase in their life cycle or the moment in their customer journey. That is why we work from the ‘triangle’ experience - data – brand: to render an individual brand experience you need insights derived from the data you collect and process. And to communicate in a credible and authentic manner you must do this from your brand’s core values. Within the array of marketing channels and means available, email is one of them. We have been active in email marketing since 2000 and are, hence, one of the most experienced agencies around. Apart from that we advise both national and international brands and organizations on a strategic, tactical and operational level. Among other in digital transformation. After ideation we create the concepts for, design, develop and implement websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, loyalty programs, activation campaigns and data-driven, fully automated communication programs. Instead of a formal client-supplier relationship we prefer to work in a true partnership. Our experience tells that yields the best results. For a comprehensive overview of the services The Valley offers, please visit our website.

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Copernica partner: GX Software

GX Software

GX Software is the company for enterprises that want to make digital channels personal. We design, orchestrate and deliver the best digital experiences. Our customers are truly customer-centric organizations that deal with a wide variety of touchpoints and frequently recurring behavior every day. They have a strong focus on support and service delivery processes. Integration, stability and scalability are key drivers for their business success. We offer a solution that is actually able to act from the customer’s perspective with a state of the art user interface and user experience. With our software, you can identify every individual and interact with them across all channels, at every step of the customer journey. > Make digital personal.

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