License and billing information

This article describes how to obtain a license for Copernica software and information on payment structure and billing.


You need a license to use Copernica software. You can obtain this license by logging into the Marketing Suite with the credentials of your Copernica account. If you do not have these yet you can create them here.

Payment structure

Base payment and email

You pay a small amount each month to use Copernica software, which includes a certain amount of emails. If you want to create some extra accounts you pay extra, but for companies sending their own email this is usually not necessary.

Copernica offers the possibility to use the software and license for multiple colleagues. This requires personal credentials for each employee. It might benefit you to allow multiple employees access, to allow them to use different departments, locations or businesses. All prices related to accounts and users can be found on our pricing page.


There are three payment options: Pay-as-you-go, paying at the end of the month or with a bundle.

If you don't know how many emails you will be sending pay-as-you-go or paying at the end of the month are your best option. This way you don't pay for emails you don't use. If you pay-as-you-go you always need enough credit to send the amount of emails you want to send. You can't send 10.0001 emails if you only have enough credit for 10.000. All credit will be transferred to the next month. Costs for email are variable and can be found on our pricing page.

It is also possible to buy a bundle if you already know how many messages you will send. Bundles are a year long contract where a set amount of emails is provided each month. You can upgrade the contract if you need more emails per month. Emails are not transferred, but are offered at a lower price.

API calls

API call billing works very similar to email billing. A certain amount of API calls is included, after which the costs are variable. There are also bundles available for API calls.

Other variable costs

Apart from email you can also send mailings with SMS or fax. The price per fax or SMS is set and there are no bundles available. Publisher still offers the option to make and host webpages and surveys, for which the costs are variable as well. There are dedicated IP addresses available as well, which you pay for per month. Finally there are Litmus previews available to view your email in different environments when working with Publisher. You pay per preview.


If you choose to pay at the end of the month or use a bundle you receive an automatically generated bill. Your account is charged according to your account usage and you receive a receipt or invoice with all costs.