The first time you send an emailing can be an exciting moment. Will it all go as planned? Is your emailing going to be delivered to the people intended and how will they respond? Luckily you arrived at the right place. This article addresses all subjects on successfully sending mass mailings with Copernica.

Test before sending

You don't want to find out that you just sent a big grammatical boo boo to thousands of people, or that the email looks horrible in Gmail and that your call to action link doesn't work at all. It is all a matter of testing, folks. Testing extensively.

Sending mass mailing

The moment that you know that was coming, is finally here (exerpt from Dutch King Song NSFW)

Editing the document in a scheduled mailing

You have your mailing scheduled for sending, but you see a mistake in your text or want to change something. Just improve it. The final document will be sent.

Issues found with your emailing?

When you configure your mailing, we check your mailing and settings extensively. Did you stumble upon an issue with your mailing? We have an overview article with information on all possible issues and how you can resolve them.

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