REST API: GET Publisher template events

Warning: You are viewing the documentation for the old REST API. We recommend using version 2 of the REST API.

To request the events for a Publisher template you can send an HTTP GET request to the following URL:$id/events?access_token=xxxx

The $id should be replaced with the numerical identifier of the template you're requesting the events of.

Available parameters

The following parameters can be added to the URL as variables:

  • start: the start date (yyyy-mm-dd) from which you want to retrieve the events,
  • end: the (exclusive) end date (yyyy-mm-dd) until you want to retrieve events,
  • tags: optional tags you want to filter for.

Start and end

If no start and end parameters are provided you will get the events of the last monthly period. If you provide a start you will get events from the start date up to one month after the start. If you provide an end, you will get the events from one month before the end up to (but excluding) the end. If you provide both a start and an end and the interval between the two is longer than a month, it will be shortened to a month where the start is leading. Take into account that the dates are treated as UTC dates. Also take into account that the monthly period limitation is subject to change if performance requires this.


If you provide a tags parameter, your events will also be filtered on the provided tag. If you filter on multiple tags you can separate the tags with a semicolon.

Returned fields

This method returns a JSON containing all the events.

        "event" : "open|click|failure|...",
        "fieldname1" : "data1",
        "fieldname2" : "data2",
        "event" : "open|click|failure|...",
        "fieldname1" : "data1",
        "fieldname2" : "data2",

The event property in the JSON describes which type of event it is. The types that are available are listed in the event types page.

PHP Example

The following PHP script demonstrates how to use the API method.

// dependencies

// change this into your access token
$api = new CopernicaRestApi("your-access-token");

// parameters to pass to the call
$parameters = array(
   "start"     =>  "2017-02-27"

// do the call, and print result
print_r($api->get("old/template/1234/events", $parameters));

The example above requires the CopernicaRestApi class.

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