REST API: POST subprofile data request

With this method you can post a request to collect all data available about a subprofile. If we receive such a request, we will collect all the data and store this data in a JSON file. You can choose to receive this file per email or with a POST request from us to your web address when it is ready.

If you choose to receive it per email the file will be attached if possible, or linked if the size limit is exceeded. It is also possible to check if the data is available via a GET request and the unique ID that this method returns.

To create this data request you send an HTTP POST request to the following URL:$id/datarequest

The code $id should be replaced by the numerical identifier of the subprofile you want to request the data for.

Available parameters

The following parameters can be added to the URL:

  • report: The target to report to. This target can either be an email address or a web address. If the target is an email address and the file is small enough the JSON file will be added as an attachment to the email, otherwise a link will be provided to download the data. If you choose to use a web address an HTTP POST call will be made with the JSON data.

If you don't use the report parameter you will still be able to retrieve the data with the GET request as explained below.

Return value

The result of this POST call is a unique identifier. This identifier can be used to check if the data is already available by sending a HTTP GET request to the following URL:$id

The code $id should be replaced with the identifier obtained from your HTTP POST request. Note that this file will expire eventually.

If the data is not available yet the data member of the JSON will contain the text "Data not available (yet)".

JSON example

The following JSON demonstrates how to use the API method:

    "report": ""

PHP example

// required scripts

// insert your access token here
$api = new CopernicaRestAPI("your-access-token", 4);

// data to pass to the method
$data = array(
    'report'    =>  ''

// process the request (don't forget to add the ID!)
$api->post("subprofile/{$subprofileID}/datarequest", $data);

This example requires the REST API class.


The JSON with all available information. If the data is available the JSON contains two members, info and data. The info member has also two members type and id. The type provides the type of info which can be email, profile, or subprofile, the id is the email address or the numeric identifier of the profile or subprofile.

The data member in the JSON contains an array of arrays with all the info we have found. Examples of the information that is in the data member are:

  • Complete MIMEs that were sent
  • Opens and clicks information
  • Completed surveys
  • etc.

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