Data object: template

An object that gives access to an unpersonalized template. Please note that this object is only available in the Marketing Suite. Publisher uses emailing document objects.

You can edit the value of this variable and its properties under the "Tools" menu in the email designer.

Available properties:

  • ID: The ID of the template (Read-only)
  • name: The name of the template (Read, write)
  • subject: The subject of the templates (Read, write)
  • data: See the documentation on the data object

Available methods

  • send(target): send a mailing

The send method can be used to send this template object to a target. The target can be a normal single destination - such as a profile or a subprofile - but also many destinations, such as an entire database or collection. The mail is currently scheduled to be sent immediately, and will be treated as any other scheduled email to the target.


The following example in javascript can be used to access the subject of a template.

var mySubject = template.subject;

Now for a more exciting example, say you have another template ready to send once the target has clicked the link. Sending the template using its id is as simple as the line below.


// set global destination

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