Data object: data

The data object is present on all data-script objects and can be used to store scalar information for your scripts, which is not used by us. Therefore, it works similar to the fields parameters for a profile and can store strings and numbers, but no arrays or objects. Every data-script variable has a data object that can be used in all instances of the same variable over multiple scripts.

Simple example

Let's say you have written an email to the user containing ten sale items and you want to keep track of which items they clicked. In the following example we'll show you a script (that you can put in this data object) to store a click on a specific item. = "yes";

By embedding this script in every link we can now see which items have been clicked. In our next data-script we can use this value to perform certain actions.

if ( == "yes") {
    // Your action
} else {
    // Some other action

You are free to store all strings and numbers you want. You could for example also use the object to count the amount of times people have profited from your sale by saving the amount of clicks per message.

message.timesClicked += 1;

You can make your scripts as complex as you want. In this case, for example, you could add a check to prevent people from clicking multiple times.

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