Data object: copernica

The copernica variable is linked to the account registered with Copernica. It is available in the data-script object and provides access to data linked to your account. This information is available in all scripts inside this account.

Available properties

Available functions

  • database: with the name or ID of the database as a key the database can be returned
  • collection: with the ID of the collection as a key the collection can be returned
  • profile: with the ID of a profile as a key the profile can be returned
  • subprofile: with the ID of a subprofile as a key the subprofile can be returned
  • template: with the ID of a template as a key the template can be returned


The following example in javascript can be used to access a database from an account.

var databaseName = "My database";
var myDatabase = copernica.database(databaseName);

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