Data object: database

A database linked to your account can be accessed in the data-scripts. To request a database object please see the documentation on the account object It is also possible to edit some of the information in the database.

Available properties

  • ID: the ID of the database (Read only)
  • name: the name of the database (Read and write)
  • description: the description of the database (Read and write)
  • archived: a boolean value telling if database was archived (Read and write)
  • created: timestamp of database creation (Read only)
  • profiles: an array of all database profiles. Keys in this array are profile IDs (see example).
  • data: see the documentation on the data object

Example profile retrieval

The following example in javascript can be used to access a profile from a database.

var profileID = 54840;
var someProfile = database.profiles[profileID];

More information