REST API: GET collection miniviews

Warning: You are viewing the documentation for the old REST API. We recommend using version 2 of the REST API.

What selections are to a database is what miniselections, or miniviews, are to a collection. To fetch the miniselections applied to this collection the following HTTP GET request can be used:$id/miniviews?access_token=xxxx

The code $id should be replaced by the ID of the collection you want to fetch the miniviews of.

Available parameters

The following parameters can be added to the URL as variables:

  • start: first miniselection to fetch
  • limit: length of the batch to fetch
  • total: boolean value for displaying the total amount of miniselections

More information on the meaning of these parameters can be found in the article on paging.

Returned fields

The method returns a list of miniselections. For each selection the following information is returned:

  • ID: numerical ID of the miniselection
  • name: name of the miniselection
  • description: description of the miniselection
  • parent-type: the parent-type is always the string "collection"
  • parent-id: ID of the collection this miniselection belongs to
  • collection: ID of the collection this miniselection belongs to

PHP example

The following PHP script demonstrates how to call the API method:

// dependencies

// insert your access token
$api = new CopernicaRestApi("your-access-token");

// parameters for the call
$parameters = array(
    'limit'     =>  100

// execute the method and print the results
print_r($api->get("collection/1234/miniviews", $parameters));

The example above requires the CopernicaRestApi class.

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