REST API: POST senderdomains

This method is used to create a new senderdomain with the REST API. It uses an HTTP POST request to the following address:

After a successful call the ID of the created senderdomain is returned.

Available parameters

Parameter Description
name The domain that you want to send emails with.
tracking (optional) The domain that you want to register impressions on.
bounce (optional) The dommain that you want to register bounces on.

PHP example

The following PHP script demonstrates how to use the API method:

// dependencies

// change this into your access token
$api = new CopernicaRestAPI("your-access-token", 3);

// data to be sent to the api
$data = array(
    'name'   =>  '',
    'tracking'   =>  '',
    'bounce'   =>  '',

// do the call
$api->post("senderdomains", $data);

The example above requires the CopernicaRestApi class.

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