Webhooks: bounces

The Marketing Suite normally modifies the envelope address of all mails that flow through it to track bounces and other messages that are sent back. All bounce messages are therefore sent back to the Marketing Suite. You can set up a "bounce" Webhook to be notified about these bounces too with an HTTP(S) POST call.

If you are only interested in failed deliveries then you can also use Webhooks for failures.

Type of messages

The bounce Webhook is used for literally all messages that are sent back to the envelope address. This includes the regular delivery status notifications, but also out-of-office replies, vacation mails, or error messages from servers that do not respect the official format for bounce messages. All these type of messages are sent back to Copernica and with a Webhook you can also receive these messages in real-time.


With each POST call the variables in the table below are sent cover. The POST data is sent with the application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type.

Associative arrays such as "parameters" and "fields" are sent per key-value pair, e.g. parameters[key]=value. Arrays such as "interests" are sent per item, e.g. interests[]=xyz.

Variable Description
id Unique message ID with which the bounce is associated
type Type of action that triggered the Webhook ('bounce')
timestamp Timestamp for the bounce (in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format)
time Unix time for the bounce
recipient Email address to which the original mail was sent
envelope Envelope address to send the bounce to
mime The MIME data that was sent (the message itself)
tags The tags that you associated with the mail

The 'id", 'recipient' and 'tags' variables allow you to link the click to the ' originally sent email message.

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